You have arrived. Your dedication, hustle and hard work have paid off.
You have gotten the nod to move up from execution pro,
to Leader / face of the firm — but now what?

Hi I'm Justin,

I help highly successful achievers like you make the jump into your next / new role. I help you level up.


Level up means:

  • Designing and executing on a 6-24 month plan to excel both in your next quarter and your next decade

  • See what's getting in your way, so you can stay on track and get what you want

  • Take control of your situation and do what's right for you, without waiting on others to help you with what you need

  • Succeeding both in your personal relationships in life, and your business ones

1) I speak your language

  • If you're a Private Equity MD or Principal, we can talk about the internal politics of the fund, how to position deals for committee and get paid what you're worth over time. Psychology of people or deal mechanics, turns of leverage and IRRs, we can address it all.

  • With Investment Banking MDs and Directors, we talk about how to win more deals through better client engagement, get promoted, and bound your stress, to create more time for a personal life.

  • Whether you're a Hedge Fund PM or Senior analyst, we can talk about your strategy for making money this year, how the book is positioned, and how to manage the seemingly endless stresses and distractions of each day. If you're thinking of shifting from one fund to another, like from a long-leaning thematic center book to market neutral, I can help you understand the pros and cons.

  • Real Estate Private Equity is a unique animal which takes many forms. From Jon Gray’s shop to your own shingle, investing in real estate combines analytics with the idiosyncrasies of people. Whether you’re looking to improve your position in your large organization, or strike off on your own, I will help you evaluate what makes sense and get you to a better place.

2) I understand you

I grew up as the son of a brain surgeon, went to Princeton and worked on Wall Street for 15 years. I was an investment banker at Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, and a special situations investor at Perry Capital, and a hedge fund analyst at Millennium Management, Moore Capital and Perella Weinberg. I get the stress you experience on a daily basis. I'm also a competitive squash player and love the thrill of winning.

After 15 years of banking, special sits, and hedge funds, I finally slowed down in 2015, I realized I wasn't happy with my career trajectory even though I was so good at tolerating the job on the surface. The path ahead felt pretty empty, and my peers were encouraging me to "just get back to the grind." During those 'dark' days, I had the good fortune to meet an executive coach on the squash court: during regular executive coaching sessions, I took the opportunity to spit out everything on my mind, clear out the emotions, reassess priorities and get back out there

When you combine people who have a history of crushing it, but are a little stuck, with a few months of executive coaching, the results are parabolic.

3) The Power of Coaching

As a coach, I've been amazed at what's possible when you combine coaching with people who have a history of crushing it, but are a little stuck. What may feel unchangeable today is changeable. I've studied and practiced coaching over the past few years with the intensity of a hedge fund analyst. I have become fascinated with our ability to change the default outcome by asking others to help us see ourselves more clearly. Through a coaching partnership, fears and anxieties that used to drain us, lose their power over us, and we can change our course from what felt like the inevitable path. 

Through being coached and making radical self-evolution, I saw the power of coaching and thought I could help a ton of high-achieving, smart and stuck professionals live a better life and get more of what they want. As a coach, I bring my deep knowledge of the investing process and my love of human behavior to help you move forward.

Yes, I eat my own cooking. I currently work with an executive coach and a brilliant marketing coach; they are core to my success and challenge me to grow each week.

My clients come from
Citigroup, PwC, Goldman Sachs, ISI Evercore, Carlyle, Facebook, Capital One, Bain, McKinsey, MIT Sloan, Harvard Business School, Sotheby's International Realty, Compass Realty, JLL, CBRE

Clients Are Saying:

“Justin was a sounding board and strategic advisor during a mid-career transition between funds. Given his real-world experience, his insights are value-add and can't be gleaned from traditional self-help resources. As a result of the coaching sessions, I realized my unique strengths and interests and formed a medium-term game plan to get back on track. (Private Equity Principal, New York)

"I just wanted to write you a note and express my gratitude for our time working together.  YOU ARE PRETTY FUCKING GOOD AT THIS" (Investment Banking SMD, New York)

“You gave me a lot in our work. You opened up your network and introduced me to smart, awesome dudes. You ran me through some helpful exercises. But what you really did for me that was most important is you MASSIVELY opened up the aperture on my thinking, helping me to see possibilities I never imagined would exist. (Private Equity Partner, New York)

"I called JD after a few months of agony... I was reluctant at first... but even as more curveballs have come my way I'm learned to put work into perspective which is allowing me to enjoy life again." (Centerbook Hedge Fund Sector Head)

“I was as frustrated with my existing professional status. Fast forward to 15+ months of work later, I’m launching my own fund with a sense of purpose and enthusiasm that I almost forgot I possessed (Hedge Fund PM, Boston)

You were in the trenches with me. (Investment Banker, New York)

“Through Justin’s coaching I was able to understand, and ultimately eliminate, the self-made professional limiters that were holding me back. Justin’s unique combination of knowledge of human behavior and of business dynamics gave him the ability to speak to me in a common language in an uncommon way. The time and energy that I spent with Justin was a valuable investment I would make a hundred times over.” (Investor, Boston)

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