What's your stock price?

Who are your shareholders?

Do you check in with them quarterly?

Do you hope they recognize your efforts?

You're a public company. Everyone is watching you and evaluating your performance. Your peers determine your stock price.

A 360 Review is not some boring HR exercise; it's a sanity check on your trading multiple.

You run hard every day to maximize your work EBITDA, so how do you create multiple expansion?

Step 1: Identify your key "Stakeholders" a) who's senior to you who can advocate for you b) who are your peers? what is your relationship with them c) what do junior people think of you

Step 2: Evaluate and Improve every bi-lateral relationship. Your most contentious relationship will bite you in the @$$ and cost you money, title and success. Address these broken/weak relationships

Step 3: Check-in frequently with your Stakeholders. As you iterate your presentation, let "here and now" feedback calibrate your approach

You are the CEO of your Enterprise; what are you doing in the area of Investor Relations? Who is your Board of Directors? It's

within your power to take the intentional step to manage perception and maximize your valuation over time.

Give me a shout and I'll be happy to help you see a couple tweaks to re-rate your equity.

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