Your Thoughts are More Powerful Than You Think

What do you think about?

Whatever scenario you spend most time thinking about is most likely to occur ...... Here's how to jumpstart your mind ....

Unconsciously, your mind directs all efforts to where you choose to think about / direct your energy -> So it's a #REF if you're worrying about a bad outcome or anxious over what you don't know

Automatically iterate and jumpstart your mind by getting clear on what potential outcome you're fearing You know how everything seems like it should be good, but you feel terrible? What's got you in this mood? What's out of your control that's driving you nuts?

1. Write it down:

A) how likely is it really to occur? P: 2%

B) what's your mind telling you P: 75%

So your mind is working to prevent an actually unlikely scenario (If you want, put this on a notecard, then set it on fire)

2. What would you like to happen? By when? Write it down Keep this notecard in your pocket Look at it a few times a day