Don't make New Years Resolutions, You'll Never Keep Them

Instead, let me show you how to change your behavior over time

The ancient Babylonian tradition of resolutions stemmed from repaying the gods for what we felt we owed them for their gifts - that’s a lot of guilt!

Resolutions today are a “reaction” to a nagging anxiety, an “I should” or “I must” — while it feels good to scratch this itch with an official decree that thy shall change, it comes from a place of fear rather than the inspiration of the result

Instead, create buy-in and excitement around what the new behavior will bring. How will you feel when you’re living in this new way? What benefits will come? Visualize living in this new way and let that guide your intention as you practice a new behavior. It won’t go in a straight line. Have some compassion for yourself knowing Adaptive Change is a 6-9 month process.

Your old habits aren’t stupid - they served you at some point. As you evolve, your habits lag your evolution - it takes time and intentional practice to change a reflex.

Excited for what’s ahead for you in 2019