What if the worst happens?

What if I get fired. What if I don't get in. What if they don't want me. It's taken a lot to get this far, and one misstep could crumble it all. What then?

Try this - “I’ll figure out another situation that works for me and my family.” Time continues. A perceived failure reveals the next opportunity.

I spend my days working with high achieving professionals at the top of their industries. While consequence based thinking can drive you to achieve great things, this working style drains your energy, creates burn out, and means you're always fighting the universe.

To lighten up, sleep better and get some rhythm in your step, write down the worse thing that could happen. And then... and then... what would you do? The mind inflates the worse case scenarios and gives them great power over you. On paper, each scenario becomes manageable, and the fear loses its grip over you.

You will start to realize that your creativity, resourcefulness and training mean you're never screwed, it's not over — in fact, everything is happening exactly as it’s meant to. As you go with the wave 🌊 and intentionally choose your path forward, you will be filled with energy and find the universe working for you.