Where will you be six months from now? Are you on "autopilot" repeating last year's familiar steps?

Here's how you can change your default path with not much effort:

Take out a piece of paper, and date it October 15, 2019

(Write in the past tense as if you are reflecting on your past six months)

I have had an excellent year so far and I am on track to get paid and promoted in December/January

  • I have won [5 client engagements], [brought 4 deals to IC and funded 1-2 deals], [earned 20% on 25% of the firm's capital] {write a big goal here -- that, when you accomplish it, it will be meaningful and material}

  • I look [calm, confident, strong, settled] - Personally, [my family is...] [I am dating...]

  • I feel [awesome, happy, excited, fired up]

Why this works

  1. When you program your "Mind's Eye" / "Third Eye", you direct your intuition to work for you *** Your intuition has infinitely more computing power than your Mind ***

  2. By setting a Vision for where you want to go, you have a Plan. Your "psychological unconscious" filters 99% of the noise your body senses, so it uses this Plan to prioritize what info it sends you

Send me your one-pager: you'll be shocked on Oct 15, 2019!