Experiment, Try Stuff: There Is No Such Thing As "Failure"

Why risk failing at something new, when you can just keep what feels comfortable and routine?

It’s time to A/B test your life.

It’s only through trying stuff that you discover something new and enjoyable. Trying a new restaurant is one thing, however trying a new job or career carries great risks - what if you have to go back to your old job? - what if you try something and realize you want to try something else... what will everyone say?

Many of my clients are ultra high achievers who are also perfectionists. It keeps them trapped for years in jobs that don’t really light them up. By reframing the perceived risk of the failed outcome of an A/B test as optimization, we can see the incredible risk of sticking with the status quo.

The peanut gallery (your parents, college friends, colleagues) will be there to criticize your moves that don’t work, but it’s your life. One life ‘mon!

What routine thinking are you stuck in? Try sht! Where’s an area you can try something new? Thanks to Schlomo Benartzi for inspiring this coaching take on his A/B concept.

One experience leads you to the next - it's rarely the first thing you try that works -- it's iteration 2 or 3 that leads you to something you never even knew existed.