Escape the Illusion of "Pressure"

Golf is easy How do you see it?

My buddy Rich Fang and I played golf yesterday afternoon. It was my first round in 4 years!

I used to get frustrated, pissed and annoyed at errors.

One bad stroke crumbled my enjoyment for the round and shifted my mental energy to Coors soda consumption. I’ve spent the last four years studying my own emotions, reactivity and thoughts. I’ve coached 100 amazing high achieving clients and helped them study themselves.

The ILLUSION OF PRESSURE is a malignant fun sponge. Pressure implies something could explode - a catastrophic consequence.

You’re already living on a beautiful golf course, playing each day as you choose. If you’d like it to feel more free and easy, let’s talk. It’s in your hands to choose how you want to see it. Oh and I shot a 50 on the front and a 43 on the back - with a bit of practice and intention, I will begin to see this old exercise in torment with excitement and joy.