Beat The Hangover from Negative Performance Feedback

I work with people who have a track record of kicking ass. Their determination to win, and thick skin, combine to allow them to crush it.  When things go well, the positive feedback loop propels them to great heights and they feel unstoppable and full of vitality. However, a negative performance review can paralyze us and fill us with anger, frustration - creating a sense that the rug has been pulled out from under us. What do you do when you get career limiting feedback? 


Negative performance reviews are traumatic for a lot of my clients. Where they have always succeeded, they suddenly hit a wall, blindsided by evidence of their deficiencies. While the intent of the 360 feedback system is to allow people to improve, the delivery often misses the mark.

Are You Suffering a Feedback Hangover?

Symptoms include feeling frustrated, angry, resentful or directionless and paralyzed. Like the wrong dose of anything, your body is not reacting well and now you're stuck trying to recover.

What You Can Do.

Call your doctor.  Gather the facts, write down your emotions and book a session with an executive coach with expertise in tactical career management.  There's a whole community of people who can help you unload your emotions, process the trauma, and put a plan in place to get back on your feet.  Don't expect this to go away on its own. 

We have very effective methods today to help you get back on track and stay in the right state of mind. Let me help you get your passion and swagger back in your step.