Thanksgiving Stuffing in March

In cast iron pan, break up and fry 1/2 sweet and 1/2 hot sausage in olive oil -- once crispy, pour into papertowel filled bowl to drain the oil and grease.  After a minute, envelope and shake in paper towel, empty into a fresh bowl

In same cast iron pan, add 1 whole minced shallot with some olive oil - get it going on low.  Then, turn to high, add chicken broth, white wine, and a spoon of Classic French Demi Glass Gold by More than Gourmet. Zest a lemon rind into the mix. Mix to create a golden brown sauce.  Reduce to a thickness.

Add sausage and more red pepper flakes. Let cool and store in fridge.

Next day, bake one day old french bread in oven - make overly crisp. Let cool.

Add chicken broth and white wine to pan. Add sausage mixture from fridge - scrape out any solid and add. Crush bread with your hand and let the crumbs from the bread fall off into the mix.