Thanksgiving Stuffing in March

In cast iron pan, break up and fry 1/2 sweet and 1/2 hot sausage in olive oil -- once crispy, pour into papertowel filled bowl to drain the oil and grease.  After a minute, envelope and shake in paper towel, empty into a fresh bowl

In same cast iron pan, add 1 whole minced shallot with some olive oil - get it going on low.  Then, turn to high, add chicken broth, white wine, and a spoon of Classic French Demi Glass Gold by More than Gourmet. Zest a lemon rind into the mix. Mix to create a golden brown sauce.  Reduce to a thickness.

Add sausage and more red pepper flakes. Let cool and store in fridge.

Next day, bake one day old french bread in oven - make overly crisp. Let cool.

Add chicken broth and white wine to pan. Add sausage mixture from fridge - scrape out any solid and add. Crush bread with your hand and let the crumbs from the bread fall off into the mix.


Bachelor Risotto

Beef stock, chicken stock, shallot, rice, cheese

man risotto.jpg

The key to this recipe is a rich, fatty, homemade beef stock fusing with the Paive cheese richness and subtle shallot aftertaste.  Citarella makes great stocks for a reasonable price.  Dickson's makes an outrageous "All stock" which is worth the occasional splurge.

No need for salt or pepper.  The cheese and broth will bring all the seasoning you need.  I use 1/2 beef stock and 1/2 chicken stock to prevent the beef flavor from being overwhelming and one dimensional - the cheese and shallot would be lost.

Enjoy with a fine IPA or Malbec, or a plain old patiopounder #patiopounderwines

New Years, New You

A lot of green, a lot of color


Salty sweet soft salad - sliced Marcone almonds, fresh Mejool dates chopped and citrus ginger dressing, butterhead lettuce

Avocado toast - sesame semolina bread toasted crisp, fancy salt, fancy olive oil, red crushed pepper (trick: put it back in the over before serving so it's slightly warm)

Scrambled soft eggs: 2 Vital farms eggs, 1 egg white


San Danielle Prosciutto

3-4 penguins for company

Arethusa Farm cultured butter with sea salt

Vermont Creamy Bonne Bouche runny goat cheese