What if it didn’t feel like your inbox & phone were always on fire — what if you could get some relief from the day-to-day chaos and set an intentional plan for your business?

I know that it can be game changing because I've helped agents just like you — reclaim their time, their energy and their lives — all while making more impactful dollars with less struggle.

Find out how: 


Hi, I’m Justin,

I help highly successful RE professionals like you:

  1. Grow your transactions and average transaction price

  2. Expand your market presence and evolve your client base

  3. Free up your time to focus on what creates value

  4. Get your team working for you - you deserve to have a team who makes your life easier

I spent 15 years as a producer on Wall Street prior to becoming a coach. While I initially coached finance professionals, a finance friend asked if I could coach his sister who was a rising RE agent in SF. Through our work together, I discovered how much highly successful Investment Bankers and Real Estate Professionals have in common when it comes to serving their clients:

  • Authentic style: you are you - there’s no canned script; clients hire you because they feel connected to you, and are confident you are the best person to guide them through the transaction

  • You love what you do, and you care about your clients’ outcomes; one client success attracts the next client

  • You’re not afraid to tell a potential client what their property is worth; it’s about executing with integrity and plain English from start to finish

  • Learn to put your time where your money is. Each day is fairly chaotic; often there’s no time for you; your clients demand your attention, and every detail feels mission critical — 20% of your time produces 80% of your results

It’s not about how many signs you put out, or how many scripted calls you make. It’s also not about maximizing revenue today — we are working together to look at the incredible business you’ve created, chop out the inefficiencies and the rot, and set you on a multi-year path to creating wealth in a sustainable way.

Put your time where your money is: 20% of your time produces 80% of your results.

How it works

  1. We speak every other week, for 45-75 minutes; and you can also call me once a month for a 20 minute sanity check

  2. After getting to understand your business ambitions and relevant personal history, we define a vision together of where you want to go

  3. As you intentionally design a new path forward, you - the human - will present all kinds of thoughts, feelings and fears. Our bi-weekly call becomes a forum to talk through whatever comes up, and help you keep moving forward

Results timeline:

  • From the first conversation, you’ll know that you’re stepping out of your day-to-day autopilot, and beginning to design a path forward to alter your default course you automatically repeat year in, year out

  • You’ve been operating this way for years, and it has been working; we’re not going to radically change the script - a lot of what you’re doing is the amazing secret recipe that others try to crack

  • “Adaptive change” happens over months: as we work together, I’m tuned into who you are as a person, what lights you up, and what shuts you down. With me as your guide (think Yoda), I will compassionately/bluntly point out where you are regressing to your old behavior, and reorient you to where you want to go

You have a magic to what you do. But not everyone sees that in you. I do, and I know how to bring it out.

It’s just about changing your perspective. It’s not about another sales seminar or workshop, it’s about putting your mental and physical energy in the right places.

My clients work at firms like: 

Vanguard, Sotheby's, Compass

Transwestern, JLL and CBRE

Clients Are Saying:

“I’ve been working w Justin for a year now. When I first met him I had sold $69m and was stressed out, unhappy and lacked a real sense of offense. I was playing defense, and as a result never able to plan or attack my goals.

“Justin helped me find my weaknesses, find where I was not being efficient with my time and taught me where to focus my energies.

“As a result I sold $83m last year and did it with less stress and way more fluidity.

“Justin is not only a business coach but a life coach. If your life is in order, then your business can fly with Justin’s help. Real estate isn’t about the number of open house signs you put out, the cookies you bake or the sign in sheet and cheesy used car salesmen follow up — it’s about getting to the net and knowing where to hit the ball so your opponent can’t touch it. Justin will show you the overhead winner! It comes from a place of knowledge and above all, integrity!

Tyler Stewart, Vanguard SF

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