Most Commonly Worked On Behaviors 

Based on over 1000 individual engagements with Fortune 50 Leaders, Marshall Goldsmith and his colleagues Chris Coffey and Frank Wagner distilled the 20 behaviors which they worked on most frequently.

Look down the list; circle the top 3-5 that you would like to work on.

  1. Treat others with respect

  2. Build trust

  3. Listen to different points of view with an open mind before giving my opinion

  4. Delegate more effectively

  5. Stand up to individuals who undermine teamwork

  6. Develop Executive presence

  7. Address conflict constructively and timely

  8. Collaborate with others

  9. Develop and link team strategy to business strategy

  10. Stand up for what I believe in

  11. Hold others accountable

  12. Present self with confidence

  13. Focus on the critical few issues

  14. Become more assertive

  15. Take appropriate risks

  16. Build cross functional relationships

  17. Become a better coach and mentor

  18. Match my leadership style to the specific need of others.

  19. Present my POV persuasively

  20. Become more decisive