What are you doing that you can't see?

What's preventing you from being in a bigger role and making more money?

You have always been able to figure it out.  You are smart, rational and persistent, yet the current feedback makes little sense, or you don't know where to start to change it. I help you become aware of your blindspots, and then we create an action plan to get you the result you want.


You've always been successful, however, you are currently facing a problem that you can't seem to crack. 

Level up means: 

  • Get promoted and make more money

  • Unlock your value: reorient your presentation and get paid what you're worth

  • Figure out what you're doing that is preventing you from having a bigger role

  • If you're self-employed and there's no "next step," level up means creating an intentional path forward to getting what you want

  • Be happy, not hating yourself or marking off the years of your sentence on a calendar; perhaps even be a force for good in life, not just a taker

  • Feel more connected and engaged at work and at home: how you do anything, is how you do everything

Unofficial bio

I live in NoLita, a little old Italian neighborhood sandwiched between Soho and the Lower East Side. It's an unusually quiet four blocks in the middle of Manhattan with great coffee, books, bars, breakfast, lunch, dinner, an ancient church and the most beautiful public garden. It has a great energy and you can hear yourself think. I'm a chef, love photography and clean lines. I have an amazing girlfriend who believes in me, so I'm constantly cooking her dinner to show my gratitude. I believe in Wabi-Sabi and laughing with friends over drinks. I love getting to know people 1x1 and in small groups; I'm infinitely curious about you and your unique experience, and believe anything is possible if we become conscious of our fears and use the support of each other to take steps to achieve what seemed impossible.


So how does this all work?