Adult Attachment Interview

  1. What was your childhood like
  2. What was your relationship like with each parent -- and were there other people you were close to as a child
  3. Who were you closest to and why
  4. Three words to describe each parent or caregiver... a memory that illustrates each word.
  5. What was it like when you were upset, threatened, separated or fearful
  6. Did you experience loss as a a child - what was that like for you and your family
  7. How did your relationships change over time
  8. Why do you think your caregivers behaved as they did
  9. When you think back on all these questions, how do you think your earliest experience have impacted your development as an adult?
  10. If they have children: how do you think these experiences have affected your parenting, what do you wish for your child in the future, why your child is 25 what do you hope he or she will say are the most important things they learned from you

page 173, Siegel: Making sense of our lives